Substantially Discounted Real Estate Opportunities in Costa Rica: Be The First To Know About Distress Sales, Foreclosures & Blood-In-The-Street Deals

Rendering-Exterior at Sunset Lake View

Doesn’t it seem that everyone is getting great real estate deals in Costa Rica except you? You read about it on the internet, you heard about a friend who capitalized on the buyer’s market, but you can’t seem to uncover these opportunities until after the fact, when someone else has scooped it up. It’s not an uncommon tale, and there’s a reason for it… Who Knows First? If a seller here in Costa Rica is in a must-sell, distress situation due to any number of reasons, they have to come to terms with substantially lowering the price of their property
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Crime In Costa Rica: Giving it to You Straight

Costa Rica Police

There’s so much written on crime in Costa Rica, it will make your head spin. I know, I just looked it all up and realized that I can’t possibly put this down to tidy statistics to make a point. So instead, I’ll rely on my personal experience of moving to Costa Rica in 2011, and shoot from the hip… so to speak. Violent Crime: Where violent crimes like rape, assault & murder are concerned, Costa Rica is, by far, the safest county in Central America and most of South America. It’s crime statistics, per capita, are below or equal to that of
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The “American Dream” is Out of Reach for Most Middle Class Households

American way

A typical, American, middle class family in the 1960s, the picture of the American Dream. According to a new study by USA Today magazine, $130,357 annual income is what it takes to achieve the coveted American Dream for a family of 4. Even with 2 full time incomes, that number is unattainable for most people evidenced by the US Census Bureau’s report that between 2008 and 2012, the average household income was about $53,000 annually. At the heart of this are two predominating factors: 1) the cost of living has skyrocketed over the past 15 years for everything like home costs, a
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Arenal Lake View Building Lots Drastically Discounted-The Best Value in Costa Rica

Lake View 2

Rarely do the planets align to create such a real estate investment opportunity in Costa Rica. A new residential, lake view development in Lake Arenal was recently foreclosed on and now is under new management who is very motivated to liquidate this asset. So a full financial commitment has been made to complete the interior paved roads, sub-divide all the titled building lots, have all utilities available at each property and a solid home owner’s association in place by October 2014. And that’s not even the best news… Spectacular Lake-View Building Lots 40% Off! Drastically discounted, lake-view building lots for
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Costa Rica Jungle Paradise, For a Song – Dominical, South Pacific

Stairs to Loft

As realtors, we see many Costa Rica real estate opportunities come across our desk, and for different reasons. Some are distress sales, properties priced so low that they command attention. Then there’s the enchanting property that appeals to your romantic side with it’s luxury, great location and stunning views. For this, you’ll usually pay a premium. But this particular property caught my attention because of it’s unique combination of location, Costa Rican atmosphere, size, versatility and LOW LOW PRICE! A rustic, Tico home, right in the thick of the rain forest in Dominical, Costa Rica. This is a rustic, tico home,
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The Costa Rica “Pura Vida” Lifestyle: Live Long & Prosper

A typically happy, multi-generational family in Costa Rica.

If you plan to retire in Costa Rica, there is a strong chance that the country’s “Pura Vida” lifestyle will rub of on you. Almost everyone has heard about the country’s “Blue Zones” where many centenarians reside. Longevity is clearly measurable country wide, but there are many pockets of the population where longevity spikes. The greatest of which is the Nicoya Peninsula, in the North Pacific region of the country. This longevity leads to multi-generational families that are deeply seeded in the regional culture. A typically happy, multi-generational family in Costa Rica. This is on display abundantly in beach towns like Samara and Nosara; and further inland in Nicoya,
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About Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties

CRRVP Graphic-SM

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties is a full service, Costa Rica real estate company started in 2001, with agents and offices strategically located throughout the country. We have accumulated a massive data base of listings for various property types like single family homes, beach condos, mountain homes as well as farm land and development property among others. For that, wee have created two, distinct, real estate divisions: Retirement & Vacation Property Division: This is our main division that helps clients locate and purchase retirement and vacation properties, hotels for sale, and building lots for sale. We have agents on the ground in
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Jaco Beach Condo Price Slashed: 2 Bedroom, Furnished, Walk To The Beach

Jaco Beach condo for sale - fully furnished, tastefully decorated

Originally purchased for $325,000, now offered for $185,000! This is a fully furnished, brand new condo in Jaco Beach for sale in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific region. It’s got 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, tastefully furnished, and only a few minutes walk to the gorgeous beaches of Jaco, Costa Rica’s most popular beach & tourist town. Because this condo is in a very high traffic area, it would be perfect as a vacation property that doubles as a rental income investment. This will ensure you have a place in Costa Rica any time you need it, and while you’re not here, the on-site
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Receiving Retirement Benefits While Living In Costa Rica


If you are an American citizen who is eligible to collect retirement benefits, can do so in Costa Rica if you’re planning to retire there in accordance with Social Security Administration (SSA) laws. • If you are an American citizen, you can collect benefits while overseas as long as you qualify (go to the SSA’s “Qualify & Apply” section). • Whether you are permanently or temporarily abroad, it is recommended that you arrange direct deposit of benefits to a reliable overseas or U.S. financial institution and utilize any services offered online (change of address, forms, etc.). • Questionnaires sent to you periodically to determine
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Offshore Retirement in Costa Rica: An Obvious Choice

San Ramon mountain home ocean views.

Costa Rica is the #1 offshore location for Americans retiring. At 78 million strong and representing 24% of the U.S. population, baby boomers are one of the largest buying groups in America. Add to that another 3.7 million Canadian boomers, and that comes to over 80 million folks mulling over retirement, all with varying retirement property needs. While most will opt to stay home close to family, other might opt to move to a warmer location while still others are anxious to move off shore for a different and unique lifestyle for the second half of their lives. Of that group,
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