The Costa Rica “Pura Vida” Lifestyle: Live Long & Prosper

A typically happy, multi-generational family in Costa Rica.

If you plan to retire in Costa Rica, there is a strong chance that the country’s “Pura Vida” lifestyle will rub of on you. Almost everyone has heard about the country’s “Blue Zones” where many centenarians reside. Longevity is clearly measurable country wide, but there are many pockets of the population where longevity spikes. The greatest of which is the Nicoya Peninsula, in the North Pacific region of the country. This longevity leads to multi-generational families that are deeply seeded in the regional culture. A typically happy, multi-generational family in Costa Rica. This is on display abundantly in beach towns like Samara and Nosara; and further inland in Nicoya,
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About Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties

CRRVP Graphic-SM

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties is a full service, Costa Rica real estate company started in 2001, with agents and offices strategically located throughout the country. We have accumulated a massive data base of listings for various property types like single family homes, beach condos, mountain homes as well as farm land and development property among others. For that, wee have created two, distinct, real estate divisions: Retirement & Vacation Property Division: This is our main division that helps clients locate and purchase retirement and vacation properties, hotels for sale, and building lots for sale. We have agents on the ground in
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Jaco Beach Condo Price Slashed: 2 Bedroom, Furnished, Walk To The Beach

Jaco Beach condo for sale - fully furnished, tastefully decorated

Originally purchased for $325,000, now offered for $185,000! This is a fully furnished, brand new condo in Jaco Beach for sale in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific region. It’s got 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, tastefully furnished, and only a few minutes walk to the gorgeous beaches of Jaco, Costa Rica’s most popular beach & tourist town. Because this condo is in a very high traffic area, it would be perfect as a vacation property that doubles as a rental income investment. This will ensure you have a place in Costa Rica any time you need it, and while you’re not here, the on-site
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Receiving Retirement Benefits While Living In Costa Rica


If you are an American citizen who is eligible to collect retirement benefits, can do so in Costa Rica if you’re planning to retire there in accordance with Social Security Administration (SSA) laws. • If you are an American citizen, you can collect benefits while overseas as long as you qualify (go to the SSA’s “Qualify & Apply” section). • Whether you are permanently or temporarily abroad, it is recommended that you arrange direct deposit of benefits to a reliable overseas or U.S. financial institution and utilize any services offered online (change of address, forms, etc.). • Questionnaires sent to you periodically to determine
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Offshore Retirement in Costa Rica: An Obvious Choice

San Ramon mountain home ocean views.

Costa Rica is the #1 offshore location for Americans retiring. At 78 million strong and representing 24% of the U.S. population, baby boomers are one of the largest buying groups in America. Add to that another 3.7 million Canadian boomers, and that comes to over 80 million folks mulling over retirement, all with varying retirement property needs. While most will opt to stay home close to family, other might opt to move to a warmer location while still others are anxious to move off shore for a different and unique lifestyle for the second half of their lives. Of that group,
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Golf Courses In Costa Rica: Some Of The Best In The World

The Specatcular Four Season golf course in Guanacaste

With Costa Rica’s year-round, spring-like weather, it’s rolling topography and stunning vistas in every direction, it’s only natural that golf is a popular pass time for locals, ex-pat retirees and tourists from all over the world. Below is a list of the some of the most popular courses around the country offering a unique golf experienced to the seasoned pro or the weekend duffer. Stunning ocean vistas at the Four Seasons in Guanacaste, North Pacific region, Costa Rica. Most of these golf courses are part of a greater development that surrounds them, often offering perks and amenities you couldn’t find
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Retirement in Guanacaste, Costa Rica: New CIMA Hospital in Liberia


CIMA Hospital in Liberia, Guanacaste – construction completed in 2012. The North Pacific region of Costa Rica is home to the province of Guanacaste. This region is popular for its laid-back lifestyle, weather, beaches, activities and proximity to the international airport in Liberia. Especially among North American baby-boomer who are looking for retirement property in the North Pacific. But, historically, seniors with serious, pre-existing medical conditions have been forced to reconsider this region for lack of a world-class healthcare facility. This is officially a thing of the past with the recently completed CIMA private hospital in Liberia, a little more than a
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Costa Rica Land Development: There’s No Short Cuts


A development project on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. There are no shortcuts in Costa Rica land development today. If you think you can squeak a project through without proper permitting, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Long gone are the ‘wild west’ days when developers would build without permission and then just ask for forgiveness if they’re caught, usually with some sort of ‘incentive’. Costa Rica has grown up, and they recognized that their greatest resource is the abundant nature and the government is fiercely protective of it. To stave off over population and commercial saturation of its typically quaint
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Costa Rica Concession Land: They’re Serious About It!


90% of all ocean front land for sale in Costa Rica is concession land. The “Gold Coast” of Guanacaste has become a haven for development as foreign investors flock to the beautiful, sandy beaches and bright blue skies to for their own slice of paradise. But 12 home owners were recently shocked to learn that their homes, buildings and/or additions needed to be torn down as they were not in compliance with Costa Rica’s concession law. “By law, all Costa Rica beach are deemed ‘public’ up to 50 meters back from the high tide water line. These are considered ‘inalienable
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Eco-Sustainability in Costa Rica: The Real Deal


A mountain side, eco-sustainable community in Costa Rica. In January, 2008 a team comprised of Yale and Columbia University researchers released the first comprehensive country rankings of “green-ness” based on an Environmental Performance Index, or EPI. The EPI incorporates 25 categories of statistics and indicators to arrive at a composite score between zero and 100, with 100 representing a “perfect” EPI score. Five countries of the 149 analyzed scored an EPI of 90 or higher. Of the five, Costa Rica was the only country representing the Americas (Switzerland and three Scandinavian nations round out the top 5). This accomplishment is
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