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About Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties is a full service, Costa Rica real estate company started in 2001, with agents and offices strategically located throughout the country. We have accumulated a massive database of listings for various property types like single family homes, beach condos, mountain homes as well as farm land and development property among others. For that, we have created two, distinct, real estate divisions:

Retirement & Vacation Property Division:

This is our main division that helps clients locate and purchase retirement and vacation properties, hotels for sale, and building lots for sale. We have agents on the ground in all the country’s most desired areas, and to help clients identify the best areas to them to settle in. Robert Shannon, founder of Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties, has developed a very efficient, safe and simple tour… our Lifestyle Real Estate Tours. These are 2 day, private tours of very specific geographic regions in Costa Rica, designed specifically for clients ready to buy and require highly specialized services to be certain of landing in the right location, with great attention paid to the potential lifestyle, personal needs and budget of the client and how they relate to that area. These tours are popular among our clients as it requires comparatively little investment, and that the fee is refunded at closing when and if the client does buy here.

Development Property Division:

Costa Rica Development Properties is a division that is highly specialized and serves large funds and developers worldwide seeking tourist destination properties. This could include large hotels for sale, oceanfront and ocean view development land, eco-sustainable projects and conservation land. Our private database includes many Costa Rica Prime properties that are not publicly listed. We are well connected throughout the country and can identify the best possible tract of land our client’s specific needs and budget. We also have a selection of attorneys that are experienced in everything form of property including concession land to development land and everything in between.

We Cover The All Significant Real Estate Regions of Costa Rica:

Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties has agents all over the country, covering all the most popular areas for vacation homes and retirement properties. You can find beach properties in all the coastal regions like the North Pacific, Central Pacific, South Pacific and Caribbean Coastal regions. And you can find beautiful lake homes in the Lake Arenal region plus beautiful mountain homes and city condos in the Central Valley region.

When shopping for property in Costa Rica, people often contact several real estate agents in the hopes that between them all, they’ll find what they’re looking for. This almost always does nothing to help the process, to keep your key advisors motivated to give you their very best during this very important decision making part of your life. Can you imagine how complicated it can get for you to coordinate several agents to view several homes in a different areas over the course of a few days in a country that you’re not familiar with? And then having to whittle all that information down to one sound, informed decision while the 3 real estate agents do all they can to wrestle the sale from the others? In that scenario, you have no central point of contact or information, and everyone is motivated in the wrong direction… self interest. I can tell you that it’s nearly impossible to be productive on such trips, and most people leave the country more confused than when they arrived.

It’s also important that you keep your real estate agent motivated and focused on you and your needs. If I know I’m going up against 3 other realtors competing for one sale, I’d certainly be less motivated than I would with a client who had made the same commitment to me as I make to them – that I am dedicated to working with you and giving you 100% of my very best. The upside for you with such a commitment is that we will help you organize your time between the area agents and viewing schedules to create an itinerary for you that is relaxed, efficient and informative. Then, as your trip nears it’s end, you’ll have a real ally in your decision making process. A real estate agent that is intimate with every property you’ve seen, and intimate with your specific needs and lifestyle. With that, you can put your common sense and our knowledge and experience to good use to make a relaxed, informed, sound decision on where you’re going to spend the second half of your life. And when you do decide to purchase property, we’ll be with you from offer to handshakes, advising you every step along the way.

When You Call Us… You ARE Calling Everyone!

We have a long standing relationship with all the other reputable real estate companies in the country to share information and cooperate to help each other make our respective clients happy. It’s a small country and we realtors all know who each other is – well, all the GOOD ones anyway! And there is a very cooperative attitude among industry peers that I’ve not seen anywhere else. This, we put to work to YOUR advantage. Once you’re qualified, properly profiled and your travel dates have been set, our agents launch into action to uncover all the product that meets your needs and budget in their respective areas. This is when we often consult other realtors in that area for listings they may have that meet those needs to ensure that you’re seeing the best possible product for your needs. Then, our central office coordinates all agents involved to create an itinerary for you that is organized, productive, relaxed, thorough and even fun. We even help with your hotel bookings, rental cars, airport pickup and can even coordinate leisure activities while you’re here. By committing to us, we will FULLY commit to give you the best Costa Rica Real Estate purchasing experience possible. So trust me when I tell you, “when you call us… you ARE calling everyone!”


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