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Costa Rica Hotels For Sale – Bed & Breakfasts Properties

Our Selection of HIGHEST VALUE Hotel Properties

Hotels and Bed and Breakfast Properties

CRRVP offers the most complete listings of hotels and bed & breakfast properties for sale throughout the Costa Rica.   You can also use the menu on the right to jump to a specific section of income properties by type.  

The Costa Rica Hotel market is presently doing well as evidenced by the depleted inventory in the major areas. In the last two years, many Hotels have been sold in the Manuel Antonio market. Jaco Beach Hotels are also very popular with all the new exciting expansion planned near the area. Tamarindo Hotel and accommodations industry has done extremely well over the last few years due to the popularity for vacationers in that area. There are still a lot of potential properties to consider for the savvy investor at vastly discounted prices as compared to what you may have seen 5 years ago.   While Costa Rica has hundreds of hotels for sale, these are what we consider to be the main markets that buyers are interested in.



Beachfront hotels for sale in Costa Rica
Beachfront Hotels

When buying a Costa Rica hotel or bed & breakfast hotel located right on a beach, the due diligence process is imperative. There are some things that fall on the owner to be thinking about.   View All Costa Rica Beachfront Hotels

Hotels that are close to the beach, for sale in Costa RicaClose to the Beach

Close to the beach but not beachfront is often the best choice for some investors.  Due to the concession laws in Costa Rica, some people prefer the peace of mind of having titled properties.  View All Hotels that are Close To The Beach

Costa Rica Bed and Breakfasts for Sale

Bed & Breakfasts

Many people are considering the  Semi-Retirement concept and buying a small boutique Hotel or B&B for what a home might normally cost, thereby yielding an income and lots of activity to keep them fresh and young. This way you live for free.  View all Bed & Breakfasts For Sale

Inland and mountain hotels for sale in Costa Rica.   Every hotel property not near a beach.Inland & Mountain Hotels

we have chosen to separate all of our hotel properties in the Inland category to include all areas of Costa Rica, that are not on or near the beach.   This includes the Central Valley, as well as Lake Arenal.   If it isn’t minutes to the beach and it’s a hotel property this is where you will find it.   View All Inland & Mountain Hotels

View all of our Caribbean area hotels on Costa Rica's Caribbean CoastCaribbean Hotels & B and B's

Hotels and Bed and Breakfast are primarily found in the coastal regions of the Caribbean, both in the extreme north and south of Costa Rica.    These hotel properties often take advantage of the local materials that the Caribbean is so rich in.  View All Caribbean Hotels

Unlisted Hotels

Unlisted Hotel Assets

Here you will find a sampling of Hotels for sale in Costa Rica, country wide.  Remember, many of our Hotels are not listed. For serious investors, you may request a full listing of hotels in a “given area” or that meet your specific requirements.
Request the Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts that cannot be listed online


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As your search for a piece of Costa Rica real estate progresses you will notice your property requirements become more and more strict. Few properties seem to meet your criteria. Let us send you properties that haven't yet made it to our website or our associates.

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  • Independent Agents with little to no web presence
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