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Listing Tips

Regardless of your reason for selling your property in Costa Rica, we would like to share a few tips to make the transaction as efficient as possible.   

Pricing Your Property:

Take emotion out of the equation. Researching comparable properties will give you an idea on where the market currently is, and of course we can help you with determining the sales price for your property, but you will also need to make a decision as to how aggressive you want to be with the sale.   One thing that doesn’t bode confidence for buyers is every changing listing prices.  Every place it is advertised should have the same price.

Why did you buy this property and why are you selling it?

These two questions give property buyers insight as to why they should consider your property.   Although some decisions to sell are of course personal matters that you would prefer not to be disclosed, why you chose the property can help attract similar buyers.   It can also be helpful to think about who the ideal property buyer is and explain that along with the ideal use for the property.   Even describing what your future plans were for the property can be valuable.  

Taking Photos That Sell Properties:

  • Time of day is important; try for early morning or late afternoon.   Ideally you do NOTwant the sun directly overhead.  
  • Evening/Dusk shots with all of the lights turned on can make for attractive  photos.
  • Take your time and take lot’s of photos selecting the best ones, if it doesn’t offer value then don’t add it.  
  • Pay attention to detail, make the bed; remove clutter and stage your photos moving decor items if necessary.  
  • A photo of the toilet isn’t necessary, we know it has a bathroom, but if you think it adds something to the listing you can include, just make sure the toilet seat is down!
  • ¾ Street views showing the exterior of the home are the most common and clicked upon featured images.  Take special time on this one.

Advanced Selling Strategies:

If time if of the essence  or you would prefer to “hunt”for the perfect buyer and create action behind your listing we offer some aggressive marketing tactics for properties that meet qualifications.   Give us a call if you would like to discuss this:


Robert Shannon

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