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Costa Rica Retirement remains the focus of people from all. over the world.  We offer retirement properties in low humidity, good climate areas, mountain locations suited to permaculture, and all the beach regions of the country. Over the years Costa Rica Retirement and Vacation Home Investment in Costa Rica has steadily increased. We are presenting herein the regions where this business has flourished.   You will be able to browse the properties of the  Central Valley  Central  Pacific  North Pacific   South Pacific  Caribbean Coast  Lake Arenal   See homes. Condos, homesites, hotels, bed and breakfast, ranches farms, and development land.   We are Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties serving the real estate market since 2001. countrywide.


Guide To Costa Rica Properties Countrywide
Cental Valley  Homes, Condos, Land, Hotels
Central Vallley Region  Costa Rica Real Estate

Central Valley Costa Rica Real Estate
Escazu - Santa AnaBelen - Heredia - San Jose
Atenas - Grecia - Puriscal - San Ramon


North Pacific  Homes, Condos, Land, Hotels
North Pacific Guanacaste  Region  Costa Rica Real Estate\

North Pacific Costa Rica Real Estate
Tamarindo - Flamingo - Potrero - Hermosa
Grande  Samara


South Pacific  Homes, Condos, Land, Hotels
South Pacific Region  Costa Rica Real Estate

South  Pacific Costa Rica Real Estate
Dominical - Uvita - Ojochal



Cental Pacific  Homes, Condos, Land, Hotels
central pacific  region of costa rica

Central Pacific  Costa Rica Real Estate
Manuel Antonio - Esterillos Bejuco - Jaco Beach
Punta Leona



Lake Arenal Homes, Condos, Land, Hotels
Lake Arenal Region  Costa Rica Real Estate

Lake Arenal Costa Rica Real Estate
Tronadora - Nuevo Arenal - San Lucas - Tilaran



Caribbean Homes, Condos, Land, Hotels
Caribbean Coast  Region  Costa Rica Real Estate

Caribbean Costa Rica Real Estate

Puerto Viejo - Punta Uva - Cocles -Chaquiota

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Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties is a full-service 
countrywide Real Estate company 
serving all regions.

We sell  Homes, Condos, Lots, Hotels. Bed & Breakfasts, Farms and Ranches, and Development land in each region of Costa Rica.  We feature excellent choices of location such as  Mountain homes, beachfront, in town, riverfront and walk to the beach.  Because of our wide coverage and a large number of listings, our clients are served very well.    Many of our clients investigate Semi-retirement in Costa Rica and they like to check out Hotels Bed and breakfasts.  Many are buying vacation homes with the idea of Costa Rica Retirement init eventually.  The current in-vogue thing that we often see is people 5 to 10 years out from retirement locking in a property at today's market. This could include a piece of land or a vacation home in Costa Rica that will be paid off with the income by the time they decide to retire in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica REtirement remains the number one interest.


Costa Rica Vacation Properties For Sale



Vacation Homes And Condos
  Popular Regions

Jaco Beach    Manuel Antonio

Tamarindo  Flamingo 

Playa Grande    Potrero 

Dominical   Uvita   

Ojochal   Atenas 

Lake  Arenal

When you choose Costa Rica Retirement, many choices surface quickly. You can choose a beach or mountain area to live. And, if you love the beach but cannot live with high heat, we have many locations only that are only 1 hour or even less to some great beaches with active beach towns. Wherever you choose, you will find Homes, condos, building lots, and, gated communities. Prices are sufficiently spread that you can almost always find what you want within your budget.


 Costa Rica Retirement Properties For Sale

 Costa Rica Retirement properties  For Sale countrywide C.R.R.V.P.



Why it is so popular to retire in Costa Rica?


Costa Rica can boast friendly people, a peaceful nation for many years, great climate,  beauty, major quality health care.   Here you can see some typical area for Retirement in Costa Rica: Often people choose low humidity areas.  We have selected the most popular  areas in the central valley where you will find all life services, close to the international airport, the capital, major health care, and with good number of expats living there.    For those who love the beach life and are fine with a little humidity,, you will see some very popular  areas we selected based on popularity.  For the surfers, fishermen, water sports person, you cannot find anywhere better.  Most have good access to everything you need and many expats already living there.


Costa Rica Retirement Locations
Low humidity areas

Atenas Costa Rica Homes and Condos

Puriscal Costa Rica properties for Retirement

San Ramon Properties for Retirement

Grecia Properties for Retirement

Popular Beach Locations

Jaco Beach Properties foi Retirement

Tamarindo Properties For Retirement

Playa Hermosa For REtirement

Caribbean Coast For Retirement


costa rica real estate Country wide   

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Costa Rica Retirement Properties has been serving the Costa Rica Real Estate market since 2001. We have always had top professional coverage for all the markets.  We know the country well and have the very best associate offices in all regions suited to retirement or investment.  English is spoken for those who do not have Spanish. In many cases, more languages.

We developed a process and system to offer top client assistance from the investigation stage to moving in.  If you wish to check out various areas, this is the best way to go. We coordinate it all. Our service is free when you are working with us.

We have bought 100s of people to explore or invest in Costa Rica Real Estate. Many chose to retire in Costa Rica and others to invest in Vacation Homes or Hotels Bed and Breakfasts.

if you are investigating different locations or, you are unfamiliar with Costa Rica, our countrywide experience and service will be most helpful. It is free and we organize it all from beginning to end. Call 1 (888) 581 1786 toll-free and start by taking advantage of our free in-depth interview. The interview is very helpful to us but, more important are the questions that provoke thinking to identify if Costa Rica Is right for you.

We have many good income properties in the high tourist traffic areas such as have continued to be extremely popular in the Costa Rica Real Estate market. One good investment strategy is to buy a vacation property some years before your retirement in Costa Rica. If it is done carefully and far enough in advance, possibly it will be paid for when you arrive.

If you are up to 10 years out and would love to lock in your retirement property cost and own it when you get here.. call Robert, NOW.....

Client Assistance

For accurate information on Residency, Taking tile, Cost to live,  Bringing items such

as cars furniture firearms, pets, and much more call, 1 888 5811 1786 toll-free.



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