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We are pleased to announce that we will be webcasting basic product training webinars for everyone, every Tuesday and Friday. Users who want to attend these webinars can register themselves using the registration link given below.
Simple Automations
As an SMB, you require simple automations that are cost-effective and provide job efficiency. Based on this, your priority is to select basic and simple automation functions that will attend to your needs easily.
Now ‘Push-to-Call’
Can bots really replace humans for customer service? Use our new ‘Push-to-Call’ functionality for an enhanced sales and customer service experience. We have just made it easy for you to include this advanced functionality on your website, and there’s good reason to use this. 
Cloud Services for Marketing
Custom-designed cloud services are the best tools any SMB can use to not only automate but also bring in efficiency in their marketing process. And now you can manage and automate specific marketing tasks using 5 such cloud services.
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