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Large Unlited Assets

Unlisted Assets For Sale In Costa Rica

large unlistd assets for sale in costa rica

Large Hotels - Development Projects, Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centers.

The hotel division of C.R.R.V.P. prides itself on offering the most complete set of Hotel properties and Bed and Breakfasts as well as large unlisted assets for sale in Costa Rica.  Thes assets include large hotels, apartment buildings, development projects, investment participation in ready to go projects.  We are aware of dozens of properties that while are in fact for sale, are not permitted to be advertised, for various reasons. 

In order to comply with a request from buyers of Large Unlisted Assets, we must conform to the requirements of the sellers.

If you are the direct buyer you need to be prepared to disclose all pertinent information, sign a nondisclosure agreement (which will be signed by us and the seller as well) protecting your privacy.

If you are the representative of a buyer directly, the same is required plus a letter confirming you are the direct representative of the buyer.

This is a very sensitive process and sellers ask we be certain that we are dealing with capable and serious people.

The process

1  If you have serious interest in large assets we have for sale, please begin by complet9ing the form below.
2  Once we receive the form, we will call directly.

If you prefer, it can start by calling us ar 1 (888) 581 1786 and we can go from there.

Large UInlisted Asset Information



If you are not comfortable completing forms, call me, Robert shannon at

1 888 581 1786 or 506 2293 2446

I will be happy to dscuss your requirements

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