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Costa Rica Large Unlisted Assets

Costa Rica building lots in the central valley

Often owners choose not to publicly advertise for obvious reasons. The way to contact owners and direct representative is a process designed to be certain who they are dealing with. We must respect this process. Costa Rica Retirement Vacation Properties prides itself on offering a complete set of hotels, beds, and breakfasts as well as other large unlisted assets for sale in Costa Rica. These assets include"


Apartment Buildings


Development Projects

Investment Participation Products

We have a number of these properties. In order to comply with a request from buyers of large unlisted assets, we must conform to the requirements of the sellers. If you are the direct buyer you need to be prepared to disclose all pertinent information the seller requires, sign a nondisclosure agreement (which will be signed by us and the seller as well) protecting your privacy. If you are the representative of a buyer directly, the same is required plus a letter confirming you are the direct representative of the buyer. This is a very sensitive process and sellers ask that we be certain we are dealing with capable and serious people.

All Information is Handled in an Extremely Confidential Manner
No documents are signed by all parties
No emails are supplied to anyone until approved by the buyer

If you have a serious interest in large unlisted assets in Costa Rica, complete the confidential form below, or simply contact us by telephone any time.


Toll-Free: 1-888-581-1786

Costa Rica Office: 1-506-2293-2446

WhatsApp: +506-8820-5627

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