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Central Pacific Garabito 

Jaco Condos $250 - to $380K   

Jaco area Condos & Homes $150K - $310K

Central Pacific Homes $220K to $375K 

Jacol Luxury properties

Manuel Antonio Quepos $300 to $450K Linda

llin Central Pacific homes 125 to 250

CP-HOMES-250 TO 450k 

Central Pacific Homes Condos $175K-$325K
Manuel antonio-Quepos-Parrita-Bejuco-


Hotels B and B 

Central Pacific MA to Tarcoles 500k to 1.1million



Sampling -North Pacific Homes 450 t 700

Lake Arenal Costa Rica Properties




South Pacific Homes  

South Pacific Homes-Condos $125K to $250K

South Pacific Homes- 200-700K Barb and Karl

South and Central Pacific

Central and South Pacific coast Homes $175k to $260K

South Pacific Homes 200K-700K




Central Valley Homes




central Valley homes from $84k to $120K    

Puriscal $149,000 ON 1.2  acres gated  

cv-homes-225-350k low humidity areas  

cv-homes $315k to $550k

cv-Atenas-Homes from $125k to $300K cv-HOMES to 350K

c-Homes-Atenas bracketed to over 500k

cv-hommes-135k to 185K



cv-homes to 300K

cv-low humidity 165-300k Central Valley Homes $300K to $525K   

Puriscal $149,000 ON 1.2  acres gated

  The perfect self-sustainable property options anywhere


Central Valley Homesites

Cafetalkes homesites  

La Palma Homesites Phase 1 and 4





Costa  Rica homes Countrywide $200\K to $300K



Sampling - cp- homes- 200-700K

All cp-homes-225-325K

sampling $120k - $200k 

Homes-Punta Leona to $270,000 


H O M E S  &  C O N D O S

Cw Homes condos 250 to 550

Sampling Coastal homes and condos 120 to 175

cw homes $200K to 300K

Sampling Coastal homes and condos 120 to 175

Sampling Homes Condos Coastal 250-550 

Papagayo Condos