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This interview is designed to

acquaint you with all areas of Costa Rica
inform you on matters such as immigration, cost to live, buying property, bringing pets or aging parents, schools, and much more

The consultation is 30 minutes and from this, we hope to identify the best locations and in fact if Costa Rica is right for y Test landing.



Cw Homes condos 250 to 550

Kathy and Jerry


cw homes $200K to 300K


Michael 250 to 425 coastal
Sampling Homes Condos Coastal 250-550


Sampling Coastal homes and condos 120 to 175




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Permaculture Properties


Central Pacific




Sampling - cp- homes- 200-700K

All cp-homes-225-325K

sampling $120k - $200k 

Homes-Punta Leona to $270,000 



Central Pacific Garabito 

Jaco Condos $250 - to $380K   

Jaco area Condos & Homes $150K - $310K

Jaco area Condos & Homes $95k-$155K   

Jacol Luxury properties

Manuel Antonio Quepos $300 to $450K

llin Central Pacific homes 125 to 250

CP-HOMES-250 TO 450k 

Central Pacific Homes Condos $175K-$325K
Manuel antonio-Quepos-Parrita-Bejuco-



Hotels B and B 

Central Pacific MA to Tarcoles 500k to 1.1million


Central Valley Homes




central Valley homes from $84k to $120K    

Puriscal $149,000 ON 1.2  acres gated  

cv-homes-225-350k low humidity areas  

cv-homes $315k to $550k

cv-Atenas-Homes from $125k to $300K cv-HOMES to 350K

c-Homes-Atenas bracketed to over 500k

cv-hommes-135k to 185K



cv-homes to 300K

cv-low humidity 165-300k Central Valley Homes $300K to $525K   

Puriscal $149,000 ON 1.2  acres gated


The perfect self-sustainable property options anywhere



North Pacific Homes

Lake Arenal Costa Rica Properties

Sampling for Lee Tamarindo Flamingo
Playa Grande Homes 300 to 500


Sampling -North Pacific Homes 450 t 700


South Pacific Homes  

South Pacific Homes-Condos $125K to $250K

South Pacific Homes- 200-700K Barb and Karl

South and Central Pacific

Central and South Pacific coast Homes $175k to $260K

South Pacific Homes 2000-700




Pacific Coast Homes

Pacific Coastal Homes and Condos $125K - $250K   

Homes & Condos

Pacific Coastal Properties Condos - Homes $125 to $250



Esterillos Bejuco