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The 6 Major Regions for Costa Rica Real Estate


How To Buy Property

How you win

Phase 4 is underway and the developer is offering you upwards of a 50% discount on 3 specific building lots for the purpose of financing the needed infrastructure for the completion of the 4th and final phase of the project. All payments will go into a rustic while the roads, drainage, electric, and water lines are installed and the lots are prepared for building.
  • You buy one of the three building lots
  • You receive  50%+ OFF the price
  • The money is held in a trust
  • At the completion of infrastructure, you may build or, put the lot in inventory at full price
  • No sales commission charged when you sell it



Sample of large homesites

Lots have a generous amount of building area See links below to three lots.


Master Plan



Three Large Lots 50% Off

Three large homesites with a generous amount of useable land, and massive views.  The development  is 15 years old and very well
manage ad planned.

A  place to live or invest

The project is Altos De Antigua, Puriscal. It has been around for 15 years. The final phase is about to begin and will be in keeping with the marvelous views and building lot distribution of the previous phases. It is very well managed and maintained.  The Pool-Club has a wonderful mountain setting and the stocked Lake is surrounded by nice trees and loads of exotic birds.

See the Project Here


Close to everything  you need

La |Palma, Puriscal is only 20 minutes from Santiago, the bustling town that serves the whole area.  You will find  supermarkets, pharmacies, a new hospital, dentists, legal service, architects, restaurants, bars, and shops of every description

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The 6 Major Regions for Costa Rica Real Estate